Driving them crazy

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin just drives the loony left even farther over the cliff. The answer is NO. Several Fox News hosts, Greta may have been the first, have asked her directly. Milbloggers were the first to say, Heck NO! (same photo on Flicker) Trigger pullers are trained to be observant!

The why of the whole issue – if you really want to know – she has picked many more winners than the President. They must change the subject. But feminists do not support republican and especially conservative women.

Political endorsement is often overrated. It is more likely that Sarah Palin is more in touch with the electorate – or more closely shares their views. Conservatives, and especially libertarian Conservatives, are much more neutral on race, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or even sexual orientation than the left. The left will only utter their true beliefs in private however and the more vocal they are in public, the more suspect you should be of their true beliefs. For conservatives, first and foremost are ideas and actions. Margaret Thatcher wasn’t elected Prime Minister of the UK because she was a woman. She was elected PM because of her ideas and prior accomplishment. It wasn’t the conservatives that made a big deal about her gender.

In the US, which states were the first to enact woman suffrage? Rancher and Farmer states. Why? Because most ranchers and farmers saw their family business as a joint partnership with their wives who contributed greatly to the family business. The rich city-slicker builds a fancy house for bragging rights. The rancher or farmer builds a great house out of appreciation for their spouse.

So why do men like Sarah Palin? Good looks will get you noticed. But Sarah can shoot and field dress large game animals and bait her own hook. Those skills make her truly exceptional.

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