Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)

Both the House and the Senate have introduced amendments attached to defense spending to repeal DADT. The Pentagon will not finish their study until December. Why push this before the Pentagon study is complete?

Gates reiterated that repeal would not be implemented until President Barack Obama and his military chiefs “can certify that we are ready to make this change without hurting unit cohesion, military readiness, military effectiveness, and recruiting and retention.”

The Pentagon, unlike the legislature, is seeking answers to questions because our military is an all volunteer force.

  • How many have not joined because of DADT?
  • How many would not enlist or reenlist if DADT is repealed?
  • How many would enlist if DADT was repealed?

The closer an individual is to combat operations, the more likely they would favor, or be indifferent to, repeal of DADT. They are like nerds and geeks – the ability to do the job well overshadows anything else. After all, their lives depend on others being able to do the job. Odds are there are few who have not joined because of DADT or would join if DADT was repealed. It is largely a “special political group” issue. The question to always ask those protesting is whether they would enlist if DADT was repealed.

So why is the Democrat legislature pushing repeal of DADT without asking what the effects will be on the all volunteer force? Because the Democrats know they are in trouble in the upcoming fall elections. They want to make sure they stimulate one of their “special interest” groups so they show up at the polls. Another case of putting political party power first without considering the good of the country! Anyone who voted to support this legislation without first finding out the effects should be voted out of office. The only block that must have a say, and the most important block, is the all volunteer force.

There have been gays in the military since before we were a country – the sexual orientation of von Steuben is still debated by some, but not many historians. He did travel with a rather young all-male entourage.

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