The 8 PM address from the oval office

This will be the first address from the oval office. On all of the evening news programs last evening, everyone was giving the President advice on the type of speech he must deliver. Personally, it is too late for both BP and this administration. BP failed to understand how costly it was to only work on stopping the leak. Early on they should have established an aggressive containment, capture, and cleanup program. Rest assured there are people inside BP that knew the approved emergency plan was a joke. Unfortunately the same can not be said of the government regulators.

The administration was correct in stating the government could not close or seal the leak. But they could certainly have done MUCH MORE to facilitate containment and cleanup.

What is the common denominator of both groups? Lawyers, MBA types, and PR spin. What seems to be lacking within the BP management or the government regulators is any real knowledge of the oil industry. If the revolving door between industry and government was used by petroleum engineers instead of management and lawyers, regulation might have some benefit.

Wait and see how long it takes to get the inspection records of the well. Most regulations are like our tax code. One room of lawyers sit around and dream up hoops to jump through while an opposing room of lawyers sit around and figures out how to jump through the hoops cheaply or to bypass the hoops. Within a year of formulating the regulating agency, little of what it does relates to the original purpose of its creation. Job one is to maintain and expand the bureaucracy.

If Obama uses the Gulf oil well leak as justification for Cap & Tax, you may hear me scream something like FOOL! or IDIOT!

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