You’ve seen this before

Whenever the need arises to cut government budgets, the first thing they cut is the number of police, fire fighters, and teachers. Never the bloated administration of the bureaucracy. For the national budget it is always the Department of Defense . Of course providing for the national defense is one, and perhaps the most critical, of the roles given our federal government by our founding fathers. What Barney Frank and company really desire is to thwart the deficit reduction commission. Hey Barney, how are Fannie and Freddie doing?

Now there are plenty of changes that would improve the DoD. But first the interference of Congress, by special interests, should be cut out. Large purchases, like new planes and ships, should be funded as multi-year contracts. Defense contractors, one in particular, have learned to low ball the first year of funding and then raising the price after the competition has been eliminated when no other option exists and a large amount has already been spent.

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