Written and delivered by Lori Scroggin 5/30/2009

My name is Lori Scroggin and I am here to represent the Tea Party Patriots.

My personal involvement stemmed from the hopelessness I experienced after the last election. I remember thinking I would be held captive by this newly elected president. A prisoner in my homeland America, at least for the next 4 years. I sensed this man was not to be trusted, but in no way would have ever expected he was able to lead us down this ultimate path of self-destruction.

Then one early spring day much to my joy, I started hearing a buzz word”Tea Party” What a concept. I had to get in on it. Of course, I figured I would have to drive to a much larger city, but was spared the drive when I stumbled upon the Spencer Tea Party being held at the courthouse on April 15th.

Kris Thiessen, a one women band headed up this lofty idea. She organized, planned, and funded this monumental 1-day event, and I for one am a grateful citizen because of it. This is about as grassroots as you can get. CNN led their listeners to believe that FOX funded all this. What a lie

My family and I showed up signs in hand, and this was the beginning of the birth of our organization. I have never protested anything before (other than having to go to bed early), but this was the “right thing to do”

Approximately 250 people showed up. I observed ordinary people, who were every bit as concerned about America as myself. We all had one common Denominator. Our Country was being plumeted and we demanded our government to come to their senses and listen to “We the people”

I remember one beautiful young mother came with her infant in a baby carriage. She boldly took the microphone and announced to the crowd: “I am here because I care about the future of my baby”
She went on to say; “I went to bed last night a mother and wife, and I woke up this morning a terrorist” Obama’s news release that morning was; any one who opposed Obama was a terrorist, not to mention the insults of calling or veterans terrorist!!

Currently we have 21 members and are completely self funded.
Our creative team is made up of all volunteers and I am proud to say we have a: Webmaster who has created our Website, a Graphic Designer, who is giving us our look, 3 very talented bloggers, sound man, Treasurer, 1964 Parade Truck, resident photographer, One 8yr old poem writer and many movers and shakers that are willing to go the extra mile to keep America FREE.

We are working on a calendar of events and plan to have educational booths set up at many area festivals this summer.
Our parade truck will be making her debut appearance at the

***Spencer Flagfest Parade on June 13th.

***Tea Party Patriots will be hosting our “Independence Day Freedom Celebration” on July 4th, in Arnolds Park on the Green Space.


Our mission is to:
1. Educate & Inform
2. Circulate, Sign & Mail Petitions
3. Write our local legislators on issues & concerns within our Federal Government
The Tea Party Patriots long term goal is to sway the 2012 Vote BUT, The real work lies in the next two years, as we must closely keep our eye on the Mid Term Election, where we believe the balance of power MUST shift back to the moral and sound principals that our founding Fathers envisioned.

It is not enough to just talk about what is going on in the world today. We . . . as FREE Americans must work to preserve our values, stand on our principals, and hold on to our FREEDOM.

Now , , , if all this started with 1 woman . . . what can a creative talented team pull off?? Today our local legislators, tomorrow congress. 1 Person at a time can change the world and It starts with me!!!

Check out our Web Address at: patriotsteaparty.net

If my people, who are called by name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ear attentive to the prayers offered in this place.
2nd Chronicles 7: 14-15

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