Geologists as intelligence agents

When this video of Osama bin Laden was released, and later tapes with OBL in front of a rock face or cave wall (see images below), the phones rang at Southern Command and CIA headquarters.

Couldn’t find a link to the videos but here are some stills to give an indication of what could be seen.

OSL in front of rock wall / face


Seems there were more than a few geologists who could give a pretty good location of where he was when the recording was made. Rocks are the earths fingerprints. Very few locations have identical rock. Even if the rocks in two locations are nearly identical, or identical, the weathering is often different at the two locations which give the rocks a unique appearance. That is why you always see him in front of a background cloth or inside a structure or tent in later videos. Someone leaked.

And just for those who forgot, here is the video from 1998 (ABC news) where he declared war on the USA. (Segment is from the Nat.Geo. program Inside 911.) There is a text version or a released public document where his declaration is repeated.

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