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Concealed Weapons Ruling

Concealed Weapons Ruling

Sioux City, IA (KICD)–A Federal court case yields a somewhat stunning verdict.

On Wednesday U.S. District Court Judge Mark Bennett announced that Osceola County Sheriff Doug Weber’s denial of Paul Dorr’s concealed weapon permit in 2007 “was the most egregious violation of the 1st Amendment he has witnessed in his 16 years serving on the bench.”

According to Attorney Daniel Dekoter the case was originally was filed under the 2nd Amendment with all fo those claims dismissed before the trial as having no legal merit.

Dorr’s attorney’s Bill Mohrman and Vince Fahlander state that Sheriff Weber state that in sworn deposition testimony in November 2009 that Weber denied Paul Dorr’s conceal carry permit because of Paul Dorr’s speech and political activities in Osceola County.

Dekoter says his impression is that although Dorr claimed that the sheriff was prejudiced against him because of activities with the Osceola County Taxpayers Association, the sheriff actually issued a permit to the President of that group and also to Dorr’s wife.

Judge Bennett announced that he hadn’t passed judgment from the bench before, always taking it under consideration and issuing a written judgment later. But in Paul Dorr’s case he ruled for the first time, from the bench, on behalf of Dorr.


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  • Loren:

    KICD/KLLT needs an editor. I was going to edit the text and sign [Ed. I. R. Engineer.] – but it is copyrighted and matches the link…

    My mother taught in a one room school with only a summer of college but this sort of thing really made her angry. Sit in her living room while she read a magazine or newspaper and all you would hear is tsk-tsk, with an occasional grrrr!, or “Oh my word!”, and an occasional “We need better teachers!, or “Our school system needs major reform!”

    That punctuation is most likely wrong – sorry mom – but I have an excuse, “I R an Engineer!” That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.