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Lonnie Bauerly Monday, 4/20/09, 1:54 PM

Keep it going

From: Spencer, Iowa
Web Site: Lonnieworld
Email: lonnie@lonnieworld.com

Norma Halverson Saturday, 4/18/09, 1:16 AM

Please let me know what time this tea party will take place. Maybe these tea parties on May 30th will be even larger than the last one. If there is anything I can do to help let me know. Norma

From: Laurens
Email: nvickery@pionet.net

Todd Ferguson Friday, 4/17/09, 6:52 AM

Please let me know if I can help. I went to the Tea Party in Des Moines. It was awsome!

From: Spirit Lake
Email: tferguson@fergusonmfg.com

William (Bill) C Sankey Friday, 4/17/09, 2:02 AM

Please keep me up on when the next one is. I was sick, or I would have been in Spencer. Keep up the good work. Bill Sankey

From: Pomeroy, Iowa
Email: billsankey@evertek.net

Mary Louise Samaniego Thursday, 4/16/09, 3:35 PM

Glade to meet with everyone lets get together and discuse what is next.

From: Hartley
Email: rene_sam01@hotmail.com

J. F> Jones Thursday, 4/16/09, 11:56 AM

Soon America will be unrecognizable as our elections become popularity contests for the uninformed and misinformed in our celebrity culture! Too many of our elected representatives are incompetent and self-serving. They have violated their oaths of office and need to be removed.

From: Spirit Lake, Iowa

Don & Camille Andrews Thursday, 4/16/09, 9:22 AM

We would like to help you take next steps to keep the movement going. Thank you.

From: P.O.Box 64, Webb. Iowa 51366
Email: aaronsprayer@mtcnet.net

Dale Streufert Wednesday, 4/15/09, 5:20 PM

I attended the TEA party during my lunch break today, thanks for organizing this event. I’m truly grateful for those who spoke and for the concerned citizens that attended. Together, we can change the political climate and hopefully gain a future back for generations to come.

From: Spencer, Iowa
Email: rhondale65ss@gmail.com

anonymous Wednesday, 4/15/09, 2:19 PM

You should all read this. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/13/opinion/13krugman.html

From: anonymous

dennis zellaha Wednesday, 4/15/09, 11:38 AM

I attended, and was please by the attendance, but disappointed by the fact our elected leaders were very absent!

From: milford, IA.
Web Site: None
Email: dzellaha@gmail.com

Michael Chapman Wednesday, 4/15/09, 9:54 AM

From: Spencer IA

Greg Kooker Wednesday, 4/15/09, 8:03 AM

From: Ames
Email: gkooker@gmail.com

Connie Seaman Wednesday, 4/15/09, 5:31 AM

From: Dickens, IA

Gilbert and Carol Esau Wednesday, 4/15/09, 5:10 AM

From: Mt. Lake, MN

Dianne Porter Wednesday, 4/15/09, 5:07 AM

From: Spirit Lake IA
Email: dianne.porter@mchsi.com

Linda Ahart Tuesday, 4/14/09, 2:48 PM

From: Spirit Lake
Email: lindaahart@mchsi.com

John Harker Tuesday, 4/14/09, 1:53 PM

I should be able to attend the rally tomorrow. If citizens just keep THINKING that someone should do something, instead of BEING someone that is doing something, no one currently in power will do anything different since they are the primary beneficiaries of the current excesses.

From: Spencer
Email: jhkr@smunet.net

Lori Scroggin Tuesday, 4/14/09, 1:37 PM

What a great oppurtunity to tell our side of the story. The government is NOT at liberty to spend money they do not have. What a scary thought, to think, the government is printing money with no idea why!!! They do not bother to know ALL the details of the stimulas package, nor do they know the details of any of the bailouts. It is shameful. Unfortantely it will get worse, before it become better. Atleast we can unite and speak our minds (for now). In God we trust.

From: Hartley IA
Email: dl@evertek.net

Deborah Wiorek Tuesday, 4/14/09, 12:01 PM

From: Spencer, IA
Email: dlwiorek@yahoo.com

paul meyer Tuesday, 4/14/09, 5:36 AM

From: storm lake
Email: furnitureandmore@ilechsi.com

LeRoy F. Peters Tuesday, 4/14/09, 4:26 AM

Planning on being there. Self employed in the backhoe bussiness and I’m just tired of all the spending that’s burying our kids in debt!!!!

From: Hartley
Email: Grunt@tcaexpress.net

carol jensen Monday, 4/13/09, 7:45 PM

I agree with what you are doing, but can’t be there that day. hope you have lots of people. It is hard to believe that our government has passed the spending bills that our children and grandchildren will have to pay. I don”t feel that congress or the president have listened to the people.

From: everly, iowa
Email: ccjensen@evertek.net

Ben Monday, 4/13/09, 6:47 PM

I’ll have to call into work sick that day, but I intend to be there!

From: Iowa
Email: Silverjak2000@gmail.com

Darrell Todd Monday, 4/13/09, 3:31 PM

i’ll be there

From: Spencer

Steven Brown Monday, 4/13/09, 11:57 AM

From: Milford, IA
Email: brownrealtor@hotmail.com

Valerie Joy Presley/Norm Just Monday, 4/13/09, 11:56 AM

Let’s party like it’s 1773! See you there!

From: Sac City
Email: cheesaid@aol.com

becca Sunday, 4/12/09, 8:36 PM

I am trying to get a small group together. Looking forward to seeing you there!

From: Ruthven
Email: beckerlinn@hotmail.com

Robin Peter Sunday, 4/12/09, 12:45 PM

I’ll be there with my teabags.

From: Milford

Jerry & Kathy Kramer Sunday, 4/12/09, 6:34 AM

See you all at the TEA PARTY

From: Spirit Lake
Email: kramerjj@mchsi.com

David DeJong Saturday, 4/11/09, 8:49 PM

Time to stand up for America, see you on Tuesday!

From: Dickens
Email: corvair9@evertek.net

Karen Kime Saturday, 4/11/09, 8:29 PM

I was so glad to see a tea party happening in Spencer because I didn’t want to have to drive all the way to Sioux City. My daughters (ages 12 & 14) and I will see you there!

From: Fonda, IA
Email: kime@iowatelecom.net

Damon Radcliffe Saturday, 4/11/09, 7:04 PM

From: Spirit Lake
Email: dnarad@mchsi.com

Heather Ketcham Saturday, 4/11/09, 7:22 AM

From: Spencer
Email: autumn22@smunet.net

Ray and Donna Jordan Friday, 4/10/09, 6:56 PM

From: Hartley
Email: DonnaRay@TCAExpress.NET

Friday, 4/10/09, 6:53 PM

Rev Jud Stover Friday, 4/10/09, 3:10 PM

I will be there. May we not ignore the blessing God poured on the USA through the founding father’s faithful diligence.

From: Sutherland, Iowa
Email: revjud@yahoo.com

Colleen (Connie) Olhausen Friday, 4/10/09, 10:11 AM

The current administration is,in my opinion, dedicated to an agenda that flies in the face of Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded and upon which it has thrived. In addition, the same administration is comitted to a tax and spend agenda. Both are extremely unpalatable and unacceptable. The budget problem is, quite simply, a spending problem. Thanks for organinzing this event.

From: Hartley
Web Site: cocoiowa
Email: coco@tcaexpress.net

Colleen (Connie) Olhausen Friday, 4/10/09, 10:08 AM

The current administration is,in my opinion, dedicated to an agenda that flies in the face of Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded and upon which it has thrived. In addition, the same administration is comitted to a tax and spend agenda. Both are extremely unpalatable and unacceptable. The budget problem is, quite simply, a spending problem.

From: Hartley
Web Site: cocoiowa
Email: coco@tcaexpress.net

Colleen (Connie) Olhausen Friday, 4/10/09, 9:55 AM

From: Hartley
Web Site: cocoiowa

Camille Andrews Friday, 4/10/09, 8:44 AM

It’s not that I forgot a website URL, but I don’t have one. You can reach me through my email or phone # which is 712-838-4347 (or coming to WalMart, where I’m a cashier). I would like to add some music, but I sing, usually with accompaniment tapes, and what I’d like to sing is “Blessed to be a Blessing” by Scott Wesley Brown. Its about God blessing this nation so that we can bless others.

From: Webb, IA
Email: cammie@mtcnet.net

Cecil & Sharon Caskey Friday, 4/10/09, 7:37 AM

From: Milford, IA
Email: srcaskey@gmail.com

Deb Van Maanen Thursday, 4/9/09, 6:50 AM

I’ll be there – Thankful to yet be able to exercise this freedom.

From: Sheldon
Email: advm@nethtc.net

Steph Essick Wednesday, 4/8/09, 7:41 PM

If there is anything I can do to help please let me know!! I will see you there – along with several of my family members! Thank you!

From: Dickens
Email: sj3essick@yahoo.com

Michelle & Ron Smith Wednesday, 4/8/09, 3:27 PM

Yeah I found one in our area and yes we will be there with signs in hand.

From: Milford Iowa
Email: Mickey32@aol.com

Rene R Samaniego SR. Wednesday, 4/8/09, 10:22 AM

From: Hartley
Email: rene_sam01@hotmail.com

shirley mcdaniel Wednesday, 4/8/09, 8:15 AM

I will be there with sign in hand! And I will be bringing some friends!

From: peterson
Email: shirlfermc@yahoo.com

Mrs. Jamey Gregersen Tuesday, 4/7/09, 2:44 PM

I am planning to attend, as I work in Spencer that day. Please contact me if there is something I can help with. Thanks!

From: Pocahontas, IA
Email: gregersenjl@gmail.com

mark lundquist Tuesday, 4/7/09, 10:09 AM

It is about time somebody,from the grass roots, said enough is enough and is willing to stand up and is not afraid to speak out. My hat is off too you and YES i will be there!!

From: rossie iowa
Email: racedad83@yahoo.com

Mike Rogers Sunday, 4/5/09, 6:25 PM

Would be there but cant be off work so I will go to the Sioux City one. I didn’t see your party listed on the Nationwide Tax Day site??? good luck see you next weekend Mike

From: Sioux City
Email: tubeframe@hotmail.com

John R. and Marilyn M. Peters Sunday, 4/5/09, 11:20 AM

You won’t be alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Alta,Iowa
Email: jrpalta2@hotmail.com

Total Entries: 60
Karla Saboe Friday, 4/3/09, 5:11 PM

I plan to attend, and bring a sign.

From: Spencer, IA
Email: ksaboe@smunet.net

Tim Frank Friday, 4/3/09, 1:55 PM

Join this so that the politicians will listen.

From: Spencer
Email: tim@timfrank.com

Shannen Bargman Thursday, 4/2/09, 6:45 PM

From: Emmetsburg, IA
Email: shannen@alltel.blackberry.com

Steve Thursday, 4/2/09, 8:11 AM

I am planning on attending!

From: Ringsted, IA
Email: ssolson@netins.net

Norma Halverson Thursday, 4/2/09, 12:17 AM

I was glad to hear that there will be a tea party in Spencer. My husband and I belong to a group called Minutemen Patriots and are trying to get a small group to attend this event. Norma Halverson

From: Laurens, Iowa
Web Site: none
Email: nvickery@pionet.net

Emily Thompson Wednesday, 4/1/09, 5:25 PM

From: Spirit Lake, IA
Email: emilyteaparty@gmail.com

Mark & Sheila Uittenbogaard Wednesday, 4/1/09, 9:48 AM

We are planning on attending! We are self employed hog farmers, so unless something major needs our attention on the farm we plan to attend! Please e- mail us with any new information and/or ideas! Thanks for organizing this!

From: Sanborn
Web Site: none
Email: uittenbo@mtcnet.net

Sue Lutz Wednesday, 4/1/09, 9:29 AM

We’re glad to see something has been organized in Spencer, and we will be there. Will help in any way we can.

From: Spencer
Web Site: Sue
Email: itsallaboutdancing@yahoo.com

Joe Sandvig Tuesday, 3/31/09, 8:14 PM

I will be there for sure!!

From: Rolfe, IA
Email: jsandvig@mitomaha.com

Rochelle Tuesday, 3/31/09, 2:03 PM

testing guestbook

Email: rochellebeth@gmail.com

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