A 4th of July Concert

If you missed the three, or more, 4th of July concerts broadcast on TV, you can watch one from your computer. Sort of a greatest hits venue – with fireworks.

Ayla Brown, daughter of Senator Scott Brown can sing very well. Proof that finishing in the top 16 of a national competition puts you in excellent standing.

Arthur Fiedler made the Boston Pops and forever tied the 1812 Overture to the 4th of July. It was originally written with a chorus and scored to have cannons fired. Fiedler used real cannons. Now they often use smaller guns that you can barely hear but back then they were 105 howitzers with full powder loads – but no ordinance. Now that is a percussion instrument that shakes things even more than the current amped-up car speaker systems. Just outstanding.

This year The Boston Pops featured Toby Keith. Who knew there were so many country and western fans in Boston. He didn’t perform his Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue. Watch the ladies. “Yes, Ma’am”. Makes you think of then Capt. Kim Campbell, call sign “KC”. No KC is not her initials or Kansas City. The A-10 is the first, and perhaps the only, airplane built around a gun and the last to be a real old time stick and rudder airplane. Pictures of “KC”‘s damaged A-10. They were also designed to take a beating and keep on ticking.

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