Polling the Arizona law in Colorado

From The Tribune:

Inside the numbers
A Denver Post/9News poll conducted in conjunction with The Tribune showed most Colorado voters would like to see the state adopt a similar immigration law to that passed by Arizona.
The poll also showed:
» A higher percentage of Hispanic voters (62 percent) would support a law similar to the one in Arizona in Colorado than would whites (61 percent).
» Fewer college graduates (56 percent) favor the law than do those without a college degree (67 percent).
» More people outside of the Denver metro area (68 percent) would support a law similar to Arizona’s in Colorado than those in Denver (58 percent).
» More voters 50 or older support the measure (65 percent) than do those who are younger (58 percent).

Roughly 3,000 voters participated in an automated telephone survey conducted June 15-June 17 by Survey USA.
All registered voters were randomly assigned into one of two groups to hear questions about certain November contests and issues in the news. Questions asked of these “split samples” have a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points or 2.6 percentage points.

You would think that legal Hispanic voters would be highly opposed to illegal immigration. Illegals are likely to compete for their jobs at a reduced rate. This is also true of unskilled Americans in general of all ethnic backgrounds. Illegals aren’t competing for technical or high skill jobs.

Many of the people interviewed don’t seem to understand that the Arizona law only enacts the Federal law as a state misdemeanor. But it does mean illegal people get put into a database. Plus the Federal government is notified. This of course means that one could now have metrics on illegals and whether the Federal agencies are doing their jobs.

And what about other states who have similar laws? Here is a Q & A on the Arizona law.

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