Obama’s top ten apology’s, what he really said.

10. Apology for having Guantanomo prison: we would rather they be in your community, and so they shall be.

9. Apology for the CIA: Don’t be discouraged, we’ve made mistakes, and promise to put up less of a fight.

8. Apology to the America’s: Without you we are nothing, we had forgotten that, but under my leadership we’re on track now.

7. Apology to the Turkish: We are racist’s, and slave holders, but our darkest days are behind us now, God willing.

6. Apology to France: Guantanomo was, and is a big mistake. We had forgotten the lessons taught to us by the great French nation on values, and principles. We’re trying to be French like, please bear with us.

5. Apology on the war on terror: We allowed a little incident like the 9-11 mistake to start attacking everyone. We’re on course now, thanks to me.

4. Apology to the G20 leaders: We’ve been so arrogant in the past. After eight years of my administration, we will have nothing left to be arrogant about.

3.Apology to the America’s: We have been so naughty in the past, from now on we will embrace the Hugo Chavez style of Government, free drugs, and no jobs for all.

2. Apology to the Muslim world: We acknowledge our mistakes of the past, and God willing, the future will be different; God is Great!

1. Apology to Europe: We have been so dismissive of you in the past. Some Americans think you owe us, for are having saved your behinds a couple of times. We know better now, Hitler was right, Heil Hitler!

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