The real cause of global warming

Most people, unless they have family or friends close to the research, do not know the real cause of global warming – man made Electromagnetic Radiation.

It all started with short wave and AM radio. Even during the depression, most families had a radio. These radio waves bounce off the ionosphere and only stop when the energy has been absorbed by the atmosphere. During and after World War II, the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted increased dramatically. Besides additional radio stations with ever increasing power, many military radios expanded into even more previously unused bandwidths. Then of course by the end of the war, there were all those radars spewing out electromagnetic radiation in three hundred sixty degree sweeps 24 hours every day of the week. Then FM, VHF, UHF, frequencies were added. Radio stations kept increasing their radiated power until 1986. KTNN got the last 50,000 watt channel by the FCC. But few asked why. And along came TV and FM radio, using even more of the EM band and more emitted power. Of course then we put up communication satellites which meant even more EM radiation – now completely through the atmosphere, both up and down. And it is only getting worse. Now we have cell phones, Wi-Fi, and soon devices which will be a cell phone and computer in a single portable device. More and more traffic in the future will require even more bandwidth and increased electromagnetic radiated power.

If you plot the amount of radiated Electromagnetic power, it traces the temperature of the last 100 years even better than the CO2 as plotted by the IPCC. We are microwaving our atmosphere. But no one, not even the most diehard environmentalist, wants to give up their cell phone. Besides, their agenda is to stop the use of fossil fuels and not to stop “Global Warming”.

Sound reasonable? Plausible? Well yes, but you might be a bit skeptical. And you would be correct! The frequency used by the microwave oven is the same, or very close, to that used by many cordless phones. So what is the difference? The amount of energy per volume. The cordless phone is 1 watt or less and radiates a huge volume. The microwave is 1000 watts in about two cubic feet. Just in terms of power, that is three orders of magnitude (10x10x10) greater confined to a small volume.

So does human emitted electromagnetic radiation microwave the atmosphere? Science says yes. But science also says you would never be able to measure the heating effect. You might as well try to measure the weight of a mosquito by determining the weight change of an elephant when a mosquito lands on the elephant.

This illustrates the first rule of statistics: Correlation does not equal cause and effect. Did you know that robins bring spring?

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