We Will Not Be Silenced


A Documentary About Fraud in the Democratic Presidential Primary 2008

The documentary was produced by Gigi Gaston, a Democrat who chronicled conversations with voters who had been victims of civil rights and voting violations. Her video shows both black and white voters discussing what happened – and these were Democrat voters who wanted to vote for Hillary. Apparently, they were given a variety of reasons as to why they could not vote that day – wrong polling place, their names weren’t on the “list”, etc. Considering voter fraud was in evidence in 2008 and this seems to have been dismissed by the major networks and media outlets, and was finally voiced by Ms. Gaston this morning on Fox, I am sure that Obama supporters will do the usual thing and denounce Fox, rather than actually look at what was uncovered. Ms. Gaston indicated that she could not believe Democrats would do this to other Democrats. Part of her documentary was shown on Fox this morning.

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