Science Deficit Disorder (SDD) writ large

Politicians and lawyers seem to suffer from extreme cases of SDD. But many politicians are lawyers so in a Venn diagram, there would be a significant intersection of the two groups. In this case it is likely a case of greed rather than SDD.

If you attend law school, you must spend some time in the law library, which means you understand the concept of a library. Unless you lived under a rock all your life, you should know geology encompasses the study of rocks. Therefore, this is an example of agenda over science and knowledge. It makes lawyers look stupid or slimy – neither can be good for their profession.

From Slashdot:

“The LA Times reports that Californian legislators are close to dropping the translucent green rock Serpentine as the state rock of California because of its tenuous association with chrysotile asbestos. Sen. Gloria Romero declares in her bill (SB 624) that Serpentine should be dropped as California’s state rock because it ‘contains the deadly mineral chrysotile asbestos, a known carcinogen, exposure to which increases the risk of the cancer mesothelioma.’ The bill has backing from mesothelioma support groups. Critics point out that Serpentine is a group of 20 different minerals, and Californian Serpentine rarely contains much chrysotile, never mind its dangerous fibrous asbestos form. Its is suspected that lawyers involved in asbestos compensation claims and cleanup companies will profit from the bill. Vast tracts of California where bedrock is made of Serpentine could be declared hazardous to health… even if it contains no crysotile at all! It looks like SB 624 will be passed; it won unanimous bi-partisan support from an Assembly committee last week.”

Must we create a Science Police force? Besides, it is asbestos dust that is harmful. The crystal form bound up in rocks is harmless. Next they will restrict access to any Salt Flats due to the concentration of deadly Sodium and Chlorine.

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