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UAE Ambassador says bomb Iran

From the Aspen Ideas Festival:

When UAE Ambassador Yousef al-Otaiba was asked, “Do you want the U.S. to stop the Iranian nuclear program by force?”

And he answered: “Absolutely, absolutely. I think we are at risk of an Iranian nuclear program far more than you are at risk. At 7,000 miles away, and with two oceans bordering you, an Iranian nuclear threat does not threaten the continental United States. It may threaten your assets in the region, it will threaten the peace process, it will threaten balance of power, it will threaten everything else, but it will not threaten you.”

According to those who should know, this is the opinion of most Arab leaders. They just can’t say so in public. The U.A.E sees no threats in the area except Iran. Remember, Iran is not Arab but Persian. The common thread is Islam but the common threat is radical Islam.

Hopefully, deep behind the scene, we are helping the young protestors in Iran. Their success would be a far better outcome for both Iran and the region.

This is an interesting study, with a map, on who are interested in joining al-Quaeda.

Our metrics indicate 99.082 % of Muslims have no interest in terrorism or violence.

Admittedly our studies are limited to only those who have access to the WWW.

A success or failure?
1,200,000,000 Muslims in the world. 1.2 Billion.
While not interested in joining al Qaeda few
will report others involved in terrorism either.

Seems al Qaeda cult has been successful
in instilling fear in the general Muslim

0.918% of 1.2 billion is still a lot of people, about eleven million. However, interest and acting upon that interest could be as little as 1 or even .01 percent. This is where parenting and mentoring within the Muslim community can do much to minimize the number of hard core actors without incurring the public wrath of al-Qaeda and their sympathizers.

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