First meeting of the Oil Spill Commission

Full name is the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling enacted by Executive Order 13543. Member list – from Wikipedia. More info on the 5 non-chair members from This is a POLITICAL commission. If you have any doubt, just check the total lack of technical expertise of the members. It is a bunch of environmentalists and policy wonks. The President is holding up drilling in the Gulf waiting for these people? This administration fails crisis management 101 – big time! Talk to knowledgeable people in the oil industry and they will tell you BP was penny wise and pound foolish. Just look at their safety and procedural violations. BP was, it most likely will fail or be bought up in the end, a bean-counter, business and law degreed, managed company. When management has no technical knowledge, they use consultants and farm out things like writing the emergency plan. They never read the plan or were so SDD challenged that they missed references to Sea Lions, Seals, Sea Otters, and Walruses.

Here is the agenda of the first meeting. Feeling warm and fuzzy are you?

Some are criticizing the Commission for letting BP off easy. They should have started by examining inspection records from the MMS (Minerals Management Service – they’re reorganizing and changing their name BTW – will the BP inspection records be lost in the process?).

Common sense is like a mine field to this commission.

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