Lawyer Ann Coulter

She lays out the argument for the Arizona SB 1070 law. She had her lawyer hat on so very little snarkiness. The biggest problem these days is justice depends on which judge you get. This will end up at the Supreme Court.

This DoJ has real problems with the meaning of justice. Why not go after Rhode Island?

Why not boycott sanctuary cities. If you live in one of these cities, you should work to end the practice. Hiring of illegals is nothing but low-grade slavery – or maybe high-grade slavery. The argument is legal workers won’t do the work. That is only a part answer. The full argument is legal workers won’t do the work at the same wage! That is a true statement. But if you approve of exploiting illegal immigrants, try this page. Perhaps all we have to do is encourage illegals into moving to sanctuary cities. We can live with that.

Immigration reform is all about politics and has been for one year short of a quarter centaury.

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