“Did You Feel the Earthquake, Mr. President?”

10 Questions He Wasn’t Asked


1. Mr. President, why is your administration blocking permits to safely protect the waters and eco-system of southern Louisiana?

2. Mr. President, if the next hurricane hits in the next month, sweeping oil far inland and halting response efforts, will you regret the countless days of good weather your administration wasted dithering?

3. Mr. President, why is every available skimmer in the United States not in the Gulf of Mexico?

4. Mr. President, what offers of international assistance are you refusing, and why?

5. Mr. President, why are contracted workers only spending 20 minutes an hour working, and being stopped from working at night?

6. Mr. President, is there any federal court decision blocking your moratorium that you’ll abide by, and if not, why are you ignoring the judicial branch’s role?

7. Mr. President, why won’t you release the details of the contract you negotiated with BP for liability claims, and why is the claims process not transparent to state and local elected officials?

8. Mr. President, what is your reaction to offshore rigs leaving the Gulf of Mexico due to your moratorium? What do you have to say to the rig workers who have lost their jobs as a result of your decision?

9. Mr. President, will the Cap and Trade bill you are trying to sell as a result of this crisis do one thing to prevent a future crisis, and specifically, what is that?

10. Mr. President, do you regret any inaction on the part of the federal government?

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