Timing is everything

Detectives, skeptics, and certainly cynics, do not believe in coincidence. Oh, and parents.

The government takes over GM and Chrysler, really bails out the unions while stiffing the bond holders – a first in US history and its “Rule of Law”, and suddenly Toyota has an acceleration problem. Coincidence?

The trial lawyers jumped into action often visibly drooling when they appeared on camera. A plethora of anecdotal stories hit the press with much speculation. One of the most absurd claims was high-tension power lines caused the cars to accelerate. That claim is what is called a twofer – bad cars and bad power lines. More than a few people took the opportunity to get out of lease contracts. Times were getting tough for everyone.

This graphic is from the Wall Street Journal article. Which means the WSJ is attacked by people claiming the story was planted by Toyota. Projecting are we? Were these counter stories planted by the plaintiff lawyers?

Looking at the graphic, it appears the problem is fixed!

Ask anyone who works in the automobile supply chain and they will tell you Toyota is often the toughest to deal with. Though they are most aggressive when it comes to cosmetics and fit.

The Japanese used to have a saying that described their management philosophy, and most likely still does, “Fix the problem, not the blame”. Where in the US it is all about fixing blame. The most recent example being the Gulf Oil Disaster. The people of the Gulf states were screaming for someone to fix and mitigate the problem while Washington was busy fixing blame. But it is possible Toyota has bought into the US MBA management methods – don’t fix the problem but control the media. Still, the CEO of Toyota said they would track down the problem and fix it. They have recalled millions of cars, perhaps being overly cautious, or because they really are working to fix the problems.

Here is a prime example of SDD by a journalist. Rewire the onboard electronics and you can claim all kinds of problems because you created them. Real engineers screamed ID-10T at the television upon seeing this! Of course other automobile manufacturers also used the same components from the supply chain. And one really should do some fact checking, including watching the rebuttal. And here is an example of a clueless government agency – closing the database because they never thought of hiding personal data.

Toyota engineers should have reacted quicker. Perhaps they did, but management sought to minimize any public disclosure, even the floormat problem, which gave ammo to the explosive media coverage.

The dumbest claim is that the Prius has an acceleration problem and can’t be stopped. ID-10T! Play the video with the face mask only if you don’t object to over-the-top foul language.

For ref: I have never owned a Toyota.

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