If your rich, and powerful, its OK to bend the rules!

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Sen. John Kerry skips town on sales taxes. Kerry’s new 7 million dollar yacht should have been required to pay taxes of $437,500 in sales tax to Mass., and $70,000 yearly in excise taxes. Kerry chose to berth the yacht in R.I., avoiding most of these taxes, even though his summer home is Mass.! Kerry is one of the lefts elitist Senators, and has proclaimed it’s our (citizens) duty to pay all our taxes, just not them.

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One Response to “If your rich, and powerful, its OK to bend the rules!”

  • Loren:

    Front page of Boston Herald.
    Lesson for the state of Massachusetts and other high tax states. If taxes are too high, those who pay them but have the ability to move, either themselves or the item subject to tax, they will do so. It is just common sense.

    For $5,000 dollars, why bother. For $500,000, you could park that baby in Florida for a year or two before bringing it home. $500,000 will pay for many flights – even on a private jet. It is impossible to over tax the rich. They will just move. The Beetles didn’t move to the US because Brittan hampered their music expression.