The Shirley Sherrod Story

Wow! Seriously WOW! Andrew Breitbart is correct when he says it was not about Shirley Sherrod. But everyone else MADE it about Shirley and Andrew. Andrew started it. And Fox News and Glenn Beck got blamed. But wait, like Andrew, Glenn stood up for Shirley. Plus Fox never mentioned the story until AFTER she had been fired!

Media Matters has their own timeline. Note they consider something on the Fox web site equal to a Fox broadcast news story. If you check with Alexa, Fox web ranks 44 in the US while CNN web ranks 18. There is no breakout for Fox Nation but how large can its audience be? Oh, and Big Government ranks 2,069 in the US.

And here is proof that the media missed the real story intended by Andrew Breitbart in publishing the video. They want him to reveal his source, when they would never do the same, and he gives a very valid reason for not doing so.

So what have we learned?

As someone said, Andrew Breitbart swung a small hammer and a LOT of fragile things broke.

  • A skeptic might suspect there really is a “relationship” between the NAACP and the Democrat party – starting with the Tea Party racist admonition. A cynic would say this is proof.
  • Someone at the Whitehouse is watching Fox News and especially Glenn Beck in spite of their denials.
  • We now know much of the main stream media is engaging in something close to propaganda (this from the Journolist server). This is yet another example. Watch how they frame this story and it will tell you a great deal about the individual news outlets.
  • The administration over reacted, and far too quickly, just like the professor Gates incident. Who offers their help? Priceless!
  • Tom Vilsack falls on his sword but the sword points to the Whitehouse.

The administration looks worse than amateur hour. Breitbart looks like David against the main stream media Goliath. And the Tea Party movement is vindicated.

What were they thinking? Is it well known within the administration and the NAACP that there are racists in the midst of the NAACP? Most people would think there was more to this story from the beginning.

And Mark Williams of The Tea Party Express was really stupid. He tried to be cute by writing a satirical letter, failed, and fell into the oppositions hands. Demonstrating a total lack of leadership skills, too often to bombastic, he deserves to be gone from the scene.

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