DNC Ad equates Tea Party to Republicans

We would be a lot happier if it were so. The DNC seems to ignore surveys and polls, some showing Independents as members or support the Tea Party Movement, out number those who are registered Republicans. Two other growing segments are legal immigrants and Americans of African Descent. The Tea Party Movement is first and foremost about following the US Constitution and competitive free markets. History shows these two ideas lead to the best outcome for the people of any nation.

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More than a few lies in that ad.

The Democrats DO NOT want to talk about the last two years! The Democrats, with the help of their sycophantic media, try to paint the Tea Parties as racist idiots and uneducated troglodytes. The founding fathers would be proud however and Abraham Lincoln grins as he says, “I told you that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

So Dems, how is that 2011 budget coming? Deafening silence and only crickets can be heard…

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