The Public sector is killing us,

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The Public sector union members surpassed the private sector union members by 7.9 million, to 7.4 million. To put this in perspective, 37.4% of Government employee’s are union, as compared to 7.4% for the private sector. On average, public sector workers make 35% more in wages, and a whopping 69% more in benefits than the private sector. Public sector workers average 12% more time off during a work year.

Public pension plans are bankrupting the Nation, (the private sector) as their benefits are triple what we receive. Our average Social security check is $1200, their average pension check is $3600. They have cradle to grave medical, dental & prescription drug benefits with no co-pay, and few pay any premium, like we do for Medicare. The difference between wages & benefits is about 46%, the exact number (percent of) we are running up our National debt. The spending is on them, and it’s unfunded, and unsubstainable. If your not mad about this, your a Government employee!

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