Slo County Sheriff’s deputies violate 4th amendment rights of Matt Hart Part 1 and 2

This is where we are headed and it’s time to stop this madness.

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SLO County Sheriff’s deputies illegally search the home of Matt Hart and openly discuss how they will get away with it. To date, Matt Hart has not recieved all of his firearms back from the department, including one that the deputies expressed interest in owning.

This cannot be swept under the rug. Help spread this around to help gain attention so Mr. Hart can push his lawsuit against this blatant violation of his civil rights by those deputies. We cannot allow these people to shred the Constitution just because they feel like it.

Original video posted with permission from and Daniel Blackburn. Thank you again Mr. Blackburn.

Sheriff’s deputies’ on tape create exigency that don,t exist 2 – 2

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When San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Murphy responded to a “shots fired” call in April 2008, he decided en route that he was going to make an arrest. Those recordings provide a rare, frighteningly revealing, behind-the-scenes perspective of how one local law enforcement agency views the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and other laws its personnel are sworn to uphold. Sheriff’s spinner Rob Bryn declined to confirm the identities of any of the deputies appearing or heard in the recordings

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One Response to “Slo County Sheriff’s deputies violate 4th amendment rights of Matt Hart Part 1 and 2”

  • Loren:

    Recorded voice and video of police officers has two effects. 1) Good cops will be protected and exonerated of false charges. 2) Bad cops will be exposed.

    The retired officer has is right. The quality of any organization reflects upon the leadership and training provided by those at the top. If the sheriff is elected and doesn’t act quickly to straighten this out, the people should through him out of office.