This administrations R&D

No not Research and Development. President Obama on more than a few occasions, has pointed out that we shouldn’t put our nation into R (Reverse = Republicans = the past that got us here), but we need to put it in D (D = Democrats = Drive forward).

But Mr. President, in your administration, D = Democrats = Delusional, while R = Republicans = Reality.

Stupid Madison Avenue electioneering!

How about some previous campaign slogans.

  • Its the economy stupid!
  • Are you better off than you were four years ago?
    • And some new ones.
  • Who was President when you lost your job?
  • Who controlled Congress when you lost your job?

We need a more energetic and active electorate to demand our politicians, especially Congress, to reign in government and government spending.

The Democrats can’t talk about their achievements because…

  1. The Stimulus didn’t work
  2. Health Care Reform IS going to raise insurance premiums for everyone.
  3. Cap & Trade would raise electric costs for everyone.

Watch for more blaming Bush ads. They can’t even use Reagan’s “Stay the Course” because the economy seems to have turned negative again, or at best, slowed significantly.

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