WOW: Democrat blames Bush for 911, defends Mosque at ground zero.

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Hello, are there any Americans left out there?

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One Response to “WOW: Democrat blames Bush for 911, defends Mosque at ground zero.”

  • Trencherbone:

    The Victory Mosque affair has seriously damaged the image of The Religion of Peace™ in the eyes of ordinary Americans. We can consequently expect a lavish petrodollar-funded campaign of taqiyya (lying about Islam to the infidels) in the MSM, in an attempt to lull the public back to sleep.

    So, as a high priority to immunize the American people against the coming onslaught of Islamic propaganda, could bloggers please familiarize their readership with the techniques of lying, deception, feigned moderation, guilt-inducement, diversionary tactics, twisted logic and half-truths embodied in the Islamic practice of taqiyya.

    There’s a description of the main features of taqiyya HERE …