What was the surge all about?

From Greyhawk (While America Slept – Part 3). A video documenting the military roll in the surge, made by the 3rd ID – the same division that did Thunder Run and the dash to Baghdad. The surge had very little coverage by the mainstream media except for a passing mention of those killed in action.

The 3rd ID has played a major role in the battle for Iraq. But that hasn’t hurt their re-enlistment (Watch the last clip for the history of the 3rd ID – it includes a movie star). Seems these folks knew they were winning long before anyone here in the States.

Iraqi Girl 3rd ID video - GreyhawkEarly on, someone put up a site for soldiers to post their photos. The idea was that people would buy the photos. Well that didn’t work out and the site is gone now.

But had you looked at all those pictures, one thing would stand out. 75 to 80 percent of the photos were of Iraqi children. Everyone of them were cute and adorable. So here are young people, in a foreign land, with almost enough firepower to storm the gates of hell, taking pictures of children. It was enough to make you tear up – or was that just a bit of sand? Another example of the best of the best for the best of reasons. Someone asked a Sgt. what he would tell the Iraqis when he finally went home. He thought Ben Franklin had it right, “We have given you a republic. It is up to you to keep it.” Best of the best I tell you!

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