What made the US of A great? Darwinism!

Now don’t get too upset. Instead, let’s look at the original title of Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species – On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

What made the US of A great was Natural Selection. We are a nation of immigrants. If the Anthropologists have it correct, and DNA does confirm, even those now called Native Americans were immigrants. Seems the Americas truly were “The New World”.

(Update: Glenn Beck touched on this at his 828 rally.)

Those who traveled to the “New World” were risk takers. Well that is how those staying put would describe those who picked up their families, a few cherished possessions, and set out in the bowels of a ship that bobbled on rough seas like a cork. A very tough trip. But in reality, they were risk assessors and problem solvers rather than risk takers. For much of Europe, the eldest son inherited everything. But a somewhat risky voyage meant you and your family would be unhampered and on your own. There was no genetic privileged class. Even the early Native Americans faced a rigorous journey. Fast forward to today. Picking up and moving to a new country with a different language and customs, has to be a tough decision. The risk must be assessed. Natural selection has populated our country with risk assessors and problem solvers. This is also true of Canada and Australia. For all three, this is being lost in the large metropolitan areas. But for the US, those who reached the “New World” would within a few generations pack up conastoga wagons and set off on another journey. Almost as perilous as the journey of their recent ancestors.

There was one other important difference for the US of A. Even before it was a nation of states, residents of the “New World” threw off much of the accumulated past, especially government, of their native lands. Celebrating ones ancestry and culture was fine. But everyone was an American first. It was very libertarian. You could do just about anything, short of punching your neighbor in the nose. At that point, your friends might start pummeling on your body. All rights belonged to the individual. Ultimately, this was codified by the founding fathers. The US Constitution is unique in the history of the world. For the first time, government could only exercise the power granted it by the citizens.

There was one group where natural selection played no role – those who reached the “New World” as slaves. They didn’t have a choice. But some of them were made of “The Right Stuff”, achieved their freedom, and fought with the founding fathers. Worse yet, politicians exploited them for years, even after a bloody civil war. Today they are still held separate as hyphenated Americans.

So if you are descended from slaves, you have to ask two questions. 1. Do you want to go back to your ancestral home? Most likely no. Nor do the vast majority of your fellow immigrants. 2. If your ancestors had known what the Europeans knew, would they have boarded a ship to the “New World”? It would have been a better voyage to be sure. Not all would have but some would have made the leap for a chance of a new life. So assume your ancestors would have chosen to make the voyage. Now you are just like all the other immigrants. Throw off the last vestige of chains and call yourself an American of African Descent.

If you really want to stir things up and both you and your spouse are registered for the party of hyphenated Americans, one of you should go down and register for the other party. You can still vote Democrat if you wish. There are three groups of people who do all the electing. The Independents and those from the two parties who vote the person and not the party. Are your values any different than your fellow immigrants? Most likely not. Besides, many researchers today are finding that many Africans may have reached the “New World” by means other than slavery .

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