Dept. of Education Report Card

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But the government will DO MUCH better in the health care business.

This was clipped from ABC This Week 8-28-10 Crisis in the Classroom (Part 1). Odds are the grandparents of the youngsters taking these tests would score as well or better. Ever notice how everything the government touches seems to go downhill? The reason is our Congress abdicates true oversight to bureaucrats whose primary goal, at least for far too many, is to expand their bureaucracy so they can get a pay increase.

The best K-12 schools are always those that have the most parental involvement.

About 50 years ago, our high school decided it would be a good idea to drop typing for French. Perhaps to provide a more “classical” education. Those hick hay-seed farmers went ballistic. Well, at least they got upset. Why? Farms were getting larger and there was no way all of their children were going to farm. Typing was viewed as a skill that would allow their daughters to earn a living in a more urban world. In the end, both French and Typing were taught. On our 40th class reunion, I asked the class what course had provided the most value in their life. Typing – no other subject was even mentioned. Of course this was due to the ubiquitous use of computers in every business.

Many of those parents had started their formal education in a one room schoolhouse. But using the fundamentals they had learned, they could run a business, hedge their crop using the commodity markets, and some even did their own taxes. The latter seems to challenge even our Congress members and our Secretary of the Treasury.

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