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On November 6, 1986, The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 became law. This law addressed Reform and Control but has been amended and modified several times. One to three million illegals were given amnesty, depending whose number is used, in a one time event. The one time condition was imposed so the citizens would not vote Congress out of office. Our citizens understood that under the constitution, it was the responsibility of the federal government to maintain and defend the borders of these United States.

How is it that one year short of a QUARTER CENTURY Congress has failed to do its part to secure the borders and over staying of VISAs?

Links: Bill Summary, Reagan Statement

This is where the lawyer stands up in front of the jury, turns to the witness, and asks, “Where you lying then or are you lying now?”.

Follow up questions: We now have 8 to 15 million illegals in these United States, again depending on whose numbers you use. Are you going to give them amnesty again? How many will there be in the NEXT quarter century?

Why should the voters ever trust Congress to get this right?

Perhaps instead of deporting illegals, we could get better results if we started deporting members of Congress.

Okay, these are sarcastic questions but you can smoke ANY one now, or ever has been, in Congress.

So here is a legit question. Since the federal judge who ruled on AZ SB 1070, let stand enforcement against employers, why not increase the penalties and enforcement on employers who hire illegals?

Do you think it is proper to raise the AZ law up to the UN Human Rights Commission?

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