Question – Trade Agreements

There are a number of pending trade agreements that have been languishing for years.

  • Columbia – Signed Nov 22, 2006
  • Panama – Signed Jun 28, 2007
  • South Korea – Signed Jun 30, 2007

These agreements are highly favorable to the US since there are few restrictions on imports from the other parties. This is especially true for agriculture.

Question: What is the holdup since they are highly favorable to the US, especially US agriculture?

Follow up: In an economic slowdown, shouldn’t Congress be doing everything possible to increase exports?

FYI: These are being held up by labor unions using human rights as a straw man. Well that is a personal opinion but is based on observing news reports. The US doesn’t always have the lowest price for grain, but it is almost always the best price for the quality.

No doubt there are other trade agreements languishing in Congress.

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