Climate Change – Just like the Ozone Hole?

Remember the claim that CFCs (chlorofluorcarbons) caused the ozone hole? The largest use of CFCs was in air conditioning and aerosol cans. But check the world map:

World Map with Equator

Most of the worlds land mass, and most industrialized countries, are in the Northern hemisphere. So it is safe to say the largest volume of CFCs had to be leaked or released into the Northern half of the worlds atmosphere. One would expect therefore to find a huge ozone hole at the North Pole.

But there is no North Pole ozone hole. It is only found at the South Pole. A bit odd that. Well its the winds dummy, that move the CFCs to the Southern hemisphere. Not likely. Here are the global wind patterns.

World wind patterns

Now you can’t see the wind patterns on planet earth. Satellite images show only water vapor as clouds. However, it is the result of fluid physics, liquid or gases. If you want to see what the wind patterns on Earth look like, all you have to do is look at Jupiter. Except for the Red Spot storm. But even that does not move, in spite of its energy and power, across the bands.

Jupiter - Fluid patterns as the result of a spinning sphere

Nothing crosses the equator. And any student of the atmosphere knows this to be true. Hundreds of superpressure balloons (constant density altitude) were flown in the 60s and 70s from low to high altitudes to track global winds. Some launched near the equator, did cross the equator due to local weather systems, but none crossed and stayed in the opposite hemisphere. So the only way CFCs can cross the equator is if they are ions or other charged particles, transported by the Earth’s magnetic field. They can explain why there is no ozone hole at the North Pole (wind and water currents) but they never discuss how the CFCs get from the Northern hemisphere to the South Pole. Many scientists questioned the role of CFCs then and even more do so today. One reason is that over time, ozone depletion has been in search of a cause and boogie man – much like Climate Change today. Political agenda mixed with science is never a good idea.

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