Even America’s liberal elites concede that Obama’s Presidency is crumbling


To its credit, The Washington Post has generally been ahead of the curve compared to its main competitors such as The New York Times in reporting President Obama’s travails, but its striking front page coverage of the “Democrats’ plight” and talk of a possible GOP Senate win (regarded as fantasy just a fortnight ago) was a bold step for a publication that is probably read in every office of the Obama administration.

The next great challenge for the American people will be to motivate a new Congress to change direction by repealing ObamaCare, enforcing Illegal immigration, and helping private industry, and not Government, and Government workers. There needs to be a five year moratoriuem on hiring, wages, and benefits in the public sector. The Federal Government needs to divest itself of Industries it has gobbled up over the past two years, making us more Fascist, then Capitalist. Most assuredly the new Congress must pledge to the American people, “to do no more harm”! The grass roots Tea Party’s need to have a voice in DC, they represent the American people, as no other group of citizens.

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