Oh my, Dear God?

What I’ve suspected for some 10 months now, has finally came into focus. I’ve noticed about 54% of the population has been running around, acting rather crazy. It’s as if the second coming of the Lord has happened, and our worries are but a distant memory. Being concerned, because I seem unaffected by this euphoria, I wanted to feel what they had, a really good high, without drugs, and other nasty stuff. Well, I set out to do my research, and I think I’m starting to understand. Yesterday ((6-8-09) one of American’s finest gernalists made a profound observation, that rather explained everything. The editor in chef, of NEWS WEEK MAGIZINE, stated in no uncertain terms that President Obama is no less then a God. Now, to add creditably to his observation, the great Chris Mattew’s (MSNBC) testified, yes he is a God. I personally only see one creditable characteristic the two (God & Obama) share, neither one has a believable birth certificate!

Now that I understand things as they are, I ask you to be patient. Now that God is here among his mortal flock, he needs time to recall just how freedom works, how business works, how love works, how right, and wrong work, etc.. Some of you may be concerned about your soul? You must make the leap of faith, and trust that Liberalism is in fact the truth, the light, and all that man kind has ever needed!

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