Katrina – Five years after

All the media channels have run their five year after reviews. Did any mention how terribly wrong they got the original coverage? While GW Bush and FEMA were the bogeymen at the time, now little was mentioned. Maybe the journalists have now learned that FEMA is NOT a first responder.

What no journalist reported at the time of Katrina, was FEMA provided support of local responders in Florida the year before – four hurricanes in six weeks! One, Charley, was a CAT 4, the same as Katrina. Okay, Charley was no Katrina because it did not directly hit a major metropolitan area and was a relatively small hurricane, but still. Before it made its dogleg to the right, Tampa-St. Pete was certainly at risk. So what was the difference? The new Office of Homeland Security. Yup, the same one that seems unable to deal with illegals streaming across the border.

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