Sharron Angle’s next TV ad

The defense authorization bill used to be the ONE bill Congress didn’t load up with odd legislation. Until 2008. Now Harry Reid says he will add the DREAM Act , a giveaway to illegal immigrants, to the defense bill. Sharron Angle, here’s your ad. (Doesn’t the military already help soldiers to gain citizenship? So what’s going on?)

From Rasmussen, they are tied at 48% with only 3% not sure and 2% other. This includes voters leaning toward a candidate. But if you look at his survey, you find some interesting detail.

See survey questions and toplines. Questions 7 and 8:

7* Suppose the new Arizona immigration law was being considered for your state. Would you favor or oppose passage of that law in your state?

62% Favor
31% Oppose
7% Not sure

8* Okay, would you favor or oppose strict government sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants?

75% Favor
15% Oppose
10% Not sure

That just screams for an ad. What was Reid thinking?

Incidentally, always rate polls that show the questions asked more respect. Remember the whole “Family Values” as the reason for voting for George Bush? (I think.) Well if you looked at the possible answers to the question as asked, Family Values was the best substitute for None of the Above. It was a poorly asked question with even worse answers.

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