Terry Branstad and the Spencer Tea Party Patriots

Terry Branstad candidate for Iowa Governor agrees to meet with a Advisory Committee made up of Tea Party, 912 and other Groups.  A monthly schedule will be setup so all 50+ groups in Iowa will be represented .

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4 Responses to “Terry Branstad and the Spencer Tea Party Patriots”

  • Loren:

    After he is elected, a good question to ask would be if he had spoken to Rod Roberts and David Vaudt. They seemed the most knowledgeable about state spending and could quickly identify programs that should be cut.

    The other thing to tell him is times have changed. Public officials will only be returned to office based on merit. While the media won’t dig into backroom deals, the blogosphere will not hesitate to expose underhanded and backroom deals.

    The Tea Party advisers best have some finance people in their ranks so they can argue the facts. Identify programs that have NOT been effective.

  • Tea Parties:

    good to see this!
    Ultimately, all we want to do is keep America strong, keep our liberty’s and Save The Republic.

    Please join us! Be A Liberty Chick….Be A Liberty Dude….Be a Liberty Kid!

    Be A Voice for Freedom!

  • Tech Support:

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  • phone i9:

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