Today Senator Harkin shows his true self by not allowing questions

Today Senator Harkin shows his true self by not allowing questions in what was called his
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for United Community Health Center
630 Ontario Street
Storm Lake
Harkin will visit United Community Health Center to discuss progress being made on health reform in Washington and the important role Community Health Centers play in our state.
We called his staff in Des Moines and Sioux City to make sure he was allowing questions and both places stated Yes he will answer questions. Liar Liar Liar . No Questions Allowed

My Wife who is on Oxygen went into this building because she was having problems breathing the heat was to much. She went there to cool off and see if that would help. She was told by either the clinic staff or Harkins Staff the she had to leave the building and couldn’t be there. She had a Tea Party Patriots tee-shirt on so my thought are it was Harkin staff. At no time did anyone ask her if she was ok in fact she couldn’t find the door and they got vary rude with here. She also has Diabetes and her Blood sugar had elevated to over 400 and now one ask if any thing was wrong. I have filed a complaint with the Community Health Center
Further more he was going to Ft. Dodge Community Health Center
126 N 10th Street
Ft. Dodge

Harkin will visit Ft. Dodge Community Health Center to discuss progress being made on health reform in Washington and the important role Community Health Centers play in our state. Where he was going to Allow questions.
Between yesterday and today the address to his next stop changed to
617 Central Ave
FT. Dodge

The Storm Lake and FT. Dodge information above was copy from Harkin website but he’s trying to say on the news that it was never scheduled as a discussion. WHAT A LIAR

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3 Responses to “Today Senator Harkin shows his true self by not allowing questions”

  • Stella:

    Remember the old joke “How can you tell if a lawyer/politician/whatever is lying? His lips are moving!”
    Given that, it is prudent for all of us to ignore what a politician and/or his minion tells us. They are going to try to placate by telling us what they think we want to hear. Because most of us are not true cynics, we want to believe what we are told. Unfortunately today’s society engages in this behaviour down to the most intimate personal level.

    My take on this is to be totally prepared for any and all contingencies. If there is even a minute chance that one of us can get a word in edgewise, let’s all be prepared to do so and to do it in the most professional, polite and calm way possible. The trick is not to let them trigger your emotions but rather to trigger theirs. I have worked with two different “protest” groups in the past – the Diggers in SF during Vietnam and the Quakers during that time and later. The worst thing that we can do is to let them make us react and way except pacifically. If we let them know how much they have frustrated us by shouting at them, they win because the media which is not on our side will manage to turn it on us and we will be the ones who are disrespectful not the Harkins of the world. I also believe that we should put our questions on a sign that we carry and as tempting as it is to put a slogan on instead, the question is seen in the media and gives a more positive impression. A lot of people see the signs carried at a demonstration and if we can refrain from being defamatory and inflamatory we will have less negative press and get more done.

    I have not been able to attend functions due to transportation problems and some personal issues. I am not usually much of a joiner but I believe in freedom.

    I am very saddened by the treatment that Lonnie’s wife received at a “Health Center” it doesn’t matter who did it – I believe that it shows the total lack of respect for others that we face in this country. Had I been there, I too, would be filing a complaint and I urge those of you who were there to inundate the clinic and Harkin’s office as well. I am willing to write a letter to Senator Harkin and urge everyone else to write as well- let’s paper his office for him.

    Stella Samson – 712 480-2480

  • Stella:

    Had to add this!!!!
    August 12, 2009
    Building Iowa’s Health and Economic Infrastructure

    by Senator Tom Harkin

    One of the best feelings in the world is coming back to Iowa to see a new Community Health Center where last year, we just broke ground on the facility. That was my feeling in Storm Lake today, where I kicked off my day at the United Community Health Center.

    This is a remarkable facility. Everything from the latest dental imaging technology to top-notch medical staff is complemented by local art that adorns the building through the “United Through the Arts” program at Buena Vista University. As I toured the new dental clinic, I remembered during a recent root canal my own dentist used a new scanning machine that aided him during the procedure. Dr. Munilla told me that United Community Health already has one! Needless to say, patients in Storm Lake and the surrounding communities will receive the best possible care at United.

    After leaving Storm Lake, I traveled to Fort Dodge to have a conversation with Iowans about health reform. My event was originally designed to take place at the Community Health Center there, but the crowds for my health events have been so large, we moved the event to Citizen Central. I was glad we did – nearly 200 Iowans turned out for a spirited conversation about health reform.

    It was on to Story City after that to see more economic development and tour a Main Street Project that has benefited from Harkin Challenge Grants. After viewing these restorations, I can safely say the Story City Greater Chamber Connection is meeting the challenge!

    I toured several buildings on Broad Street – The Story City Herald building, the community’s century old newspaper, which was able to rebuild in its original location in 2004. I visited the site when renovations were underway, but today was my first chance to see the finished product. I also saw the Charlson Building, which has stood as a cornerstone at the center of Story City’s downtown district for over 100 years. Funding secured for the facility will be used to renovate the commercial and residential spaces and end the deterioration of the building. Before I took off for the day, I also toured some of the restaurants and cafes popping up along Broad Street. The economic development underway in Story City is a real sight to see and once completed will be a real draw for business and the local economy as well as the community as a whole.

  • Stella:

    Not unexpected rhetoric – Harkin is obviously someone who thinks his constituents are idiots. Read between his lines…he thinks he’s just SO Pro-active!!! Reference my previous post…