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Bitter Scalia Leaves US Supreme Court?


The above story clearly states this is a fictional story, or written as Satire. What concerns me is that a version of this story has been edited, and put out there as fact, and to many people read it, believe it, without checking to see if it’s true or not. How do I know this? I’ve had phone calls from very panicked people who are ready to board a plane to escape before it’s to late. It took me about 30 seconds to do an internet search, showing the original as Satire. Many people rely on fact check web sites, not even trusting themselves to decide what is “truth”. Now, in defense of these people, our out of control Government, coupled with Liberal nut jobs, have made the lives of normal Americans miserable. Mental illness is ramped, and many of them are employed as Journalists, and working for the Government in key positions, even as law makers. This Story is nothing more than a symptom of a sick America!

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