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Today’s stars, and stripes,

and the rockets red glare, the booms bursting in air, gave proof to the night, we’re in trouble here.
By the dawns early light, I could see, that the enemy was behind me, but how could this be?
The message was clear, the enemy was here, not over there, where it should be.
So now I see, it’s the domestic enemy I see, and he looks like me.
So who do I shoot, that’s my neighbor over there, but wait, he’s shooting at me.
Have they all gone mad, we’re American here, in the land of the free.
Then what must I do, they no longer believe in you, America the Free?
I know not how this will end, the paper is clear, no words written here!
This is written by me, the sadness belongs to thee, is America still free?

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