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Just how dangerous is the State?

The State is to dangerous to tolerate, and as before, if they continue, we will destroy one anther. Governments always grow out of proportion to the needs of the people, and the process of exploitation, enslavement, and extortion by Government over the people, and then comes the breaking point. By shear numbers the oppressed rise up, and fight back. Death, and despair will be everywhere, only this time with weapons of mass destruction, the blood letting will run into the hundreds of millions, perhaps even near extinction of humanity. Can it be stopped? Using history as a guide, the chances of Government’s pulling back, or even slowing down their primitive behavior is small. Having power over others is a seductive mistress, and with narcissism running at epidemic levels, we most likely are doomed to total destruction.

Those in the cities will die first, being easy to control, and in a confined area the Government will win easily. The small towns, and small cities will be a different animal. The eastern, and west coast communities will fall with little resistance, but then come the interior of the country, and here come the hunters, and others who live with mother nature. The resistance from the interior may be so fierce that the Government will resort to using nukes, knowing they will destroy the food source of the nation. Regardless of which side that prevails, the nation will not survive. By this time, only bands of rebels will rule the day, and perhaps a few square miles of land for each clan. The clans will fight each other, with the strongest to prevail, but the prize will be nothing to write home about. A thousand years from now, archeologist’s will be digging up cities, bones, and other artifact, wonder what happened to this civilization. The precess will repeat, just as it has for thousands of years, mankind is pure evil, and unstoppable!

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