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Why Amerika lost the war of independence to the King of England !

History tells us we won the war of Independence, we celebrate every 4th of July, and have for 237 years. If we look at our history (American) we see we never lost our lust for Royal family’s. The Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Roosevelt’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, and so on, family dynasty’s that have ruled from almost the first day. There were some exceptions, the purpose of witch was to show that ordinary people were ill qualified to rule! In fairness, the Royals have such power that with few exceptions would a regular American gain the Presidency, one notable exception was Reagen. Modern times have brought us the man called Obama, nothing more than a Manchurian candidate, created to propagate the New World Order! Only very powerful people get into big time politics, the rest of us just do the work, and they do the ruling!

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