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Earth, nothing has changed for billions of years,

There is the same amout of water on earth now, as there ever was, and the same is so for every mineral that ever existed on earth. Burning fossil fuels will destroy our environment? I don’t think so. Fossil fuels are made from carbon, we harvest oil, a product of carbon. We burn the fuel (carbon) to power our machines, in doing so we release carbon into the atmosphere, and in turn, it falls to earth to continue the process. You can temporarily changes things, but it will always return to the original element!

Take an old car, park it outside long enough (1000 years or so) and it will cease to exist. Every thing that made up the car, will break down to the elements that were changed to create it to begin with! Lefties try, and confuse you, but they have an agenda, and it has nothing to do with pollution, but to their perverse ideology! When we die, we return to the elements of the earth, to be recycled again, and again, and again!

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