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Others are being heard as well

It is about time that more started supporting the Iranian protesters. He even endorses what many of us proposed early on. Namely, those three letter organizations, like No Such Agency, should make sure anonymous servers were available so the people could get their messages and videos out to the world. The State Department keeps talking about negotiations with Iran on the nuclear threat. But we should also be working to provide resources for those Iranians truly interested in a democracy. Even arms if it should come to that level of resistance. But we have a poor record of supporting grassroot change. See Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Both of which were encouraged by the US but with no way to really provide support. And Bush 41, who should have known better, made a similar blunder in Iraq. But had that uprising been successful, it most likely would have ended as a Shia state as an Iranian puppet.

In the mean time, remember Neda.

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