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April fools – You Wish!

EPA releases new regulations, none of which were voted on by your elected officials. Now do you see where health care is going? They have raised the fuel efficiency requirements and put limits on CO2 emissions. Of course no one at the EPA can calculate the amount of warming this will curtail because they suffer from SDD. Actually, it can’t be done. Well not to sufficient accuracy to make any measurable difference. But it is going to cost! And it was all due to a ruling by what is derided as a conservative Supreme Court – almost three years to the day. Ironically, they ruled against the EPA. In their defense, the Supremes only said the EPA could decide if greenhouse gases cause or contribute to climate change so they avoided the whole science issue.

The EPA had argued that it did not have to issue mandatory regulations to address global climate change. It also claimed regulation by the EPA would conflict with the administration’s approach to climate change, which favors technology investment and voluntary emissions reductions.

But that decision sealed our fate. Of course that was under the previous administration. If one were to regulate everything blamed on Global Warming, well the size of government would at least double. That list linked is a sure sign of junk science. No real science could ever be cited for so many excuses.

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