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Transparency? Yes but…

Only because fate intervened.

Last week, we reported that Obama administration Deputy CTO Andrew McLaughlin –who headed up Google’s lobbying shop before joining the administration – had been ensnared in the Google Buzz privacy imbroglio when his Gmail contacts were made publicly available through his Google Buzz profile…and they revealed that McLaughlin’s most emailed Gmail contacts included more than two-dozen Google employees, including many of the company’s most senior lobbyists and lawyers.

As they say, read the whole thing (Big Government). Then there is this from Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive.net.

On a follow-up call, Mr. McLaughlin again put forth the idea of having Clearwire handle the emergency work in Haiti and this time put a Clearwire executive on the call to pitch his services directly. This reportedly provoked a response from a senior military official on the call who complained to the White House directly about McLaughlin’s inappropriate behavior. McLaughlin was not a participant on any subsequent calls.

Why is all of this interesting? Google, Mr. McLaughlin’s former employer, is one of the largest investors in Clearwire with a $500 million stake in the firm.

BTW, Mr. McLaughlin, a lobbyists, is in charge of all Internet policy for the Administration. Note the administration claims Karzai is a corrupt leader. Now how do you suppose they know he is corrupt?

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