Glenn Beck 828 Restoring Honor – Crowd Pictures

These are AP photos and they aren’t too kind about “fair use” – so let them fight Yahoo.

3 of 75 – early on – picture no longer in group
13 of 81 – zoomed from Washington Monument
23 of 81 – along the reflecting pool
24 of 81 – Full crowd from Washington Monument – BIG
35 of 81 – From top of Washington Monument – WWII Memorial to Lincoln Memorial. 300K easy – maybe 500K+

Okay, just one…

AP photo via Yahoo 35 of 81

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3 Responses to “Glenn Beck 828 Restoring Honor – Crowd Pictures”

  • Teaparty=racists:

    Funny, I don’t see ANY black people in those photos from Glen’s rally. Guess his picture of restoring America is a bit different than mine.

  • Loren:

    You won’t find black people at Tea Party or Beck rallies. There are however, Americans of African Descent – you can call them Americans for short.
    Here is one.
    And another.

  • Karen in FL:

    Well said, Loren! I didn’t even notice the color of people’s skin–I just noticed that they were all patriots!