Beck 828 Rally – Told you so!

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You go girl! She has thrown off the last vestige of chains, the hyphenated American. This cut is from Reason TV. You can see the whole 6+ minutes on YouTube or at Reason TV. Nick Gillespie talked to a few other interesting people.

The question on party affiliation was interesting. A few Republicans, no Democrats, and a BUNCH of independents. Well at least in the immediate area.

Also, more photos. A police officer and commenter says Beck was wearing a bullet proof vest. Two pictures hint at such a case. The bottom picture could be showing the bottom of a vest just above his belt. Go up 5 pictures and you can see a flat raised surface across his back. In the one close-up with no tie, he is wearing a t-shirt on a warm day. You always wear a t-shirt under a vest.

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