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Pirate takedown – The Iowa Connection

Do you remember the story of Marines rescuing a pirated ship? The Marines were from the USS Dubuque. Yes it is named after that Iowa city along the Mississippi River. Read about the pirate takedown, only one incident over 48 hours, but launched from the USS Dubuque.

Over a 48 hour period, the 15th MEU/PELARG team conducted offensive air operations in Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of 5 confirmed enemy fighters, provided disaster relief in Pakistan to 120 victims who had been without aid since July, and seized a pirated vessel, rescuing a crew of 11 hostages and detaining 9 suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia. A busy couple of days and an impressive battle-rhythm by any standard for this dynamic Navy-Marine Corps team.

Very impressive, even for the best of the best. Note: ISR = Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance

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