Rally to Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart joked about the crowd size and warned them to pick up any trash. Has he been reading Tea Party blogs? Humor is weak and no crowd shots so far. Doing a 30 minute show with writers is one thing but hours of humor is a lot tougher, even if you bring on many music groups. Stupid writ large and irrelevant by any measure. Bob Hope’s reputation is secure.

Fox News is streaming the rally if you want to have a peek.

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3 Responses to “Rally to Restore Sanity”

  • Corruption.Gov:

    Does art follow life, or life follow art? Filmmaker, Dave Cuddy wrote a story for a script and produced “corruption.gov” in 2007 and 2008, before he ran against US Senator Ted Stevens (in 2008), before US Senator Ted Stevens was convicted, before newspaperman Bill Allen was convicted of bribing Alaskan politicians, and before Cuddy had ever heard of US Senate Candidate Joe Miller. The film stars Michael Madsen as a corrupt senator, running for re-election in Texas, and a newspaperman (Lee Majors) who uses his paper to slam the challenger, Texas Congressman Ron Garcia, played by Francisco Quinn…who is loosely modeled after Texas US Congressman Ron Paul. The president of the United States is played by Joe Estevez (looking remarkably like his brother, Martin Sheen).
    Though Cuddy says the corrupt senator isn’t modeled after US Senator Ted Stevens, but is a composite of many politicians he researched in the writing of the book, “Against Long Odds,” both the movie senator and Ted Stevens were convicted of felonies (though Stevens convictions were later overturned). Cuddy says the Lee Major’s role isn’t based on Bill Allen but is again a composite character, though both the Major’s role and Bill Allen used their newspapers to support their political candidates, and to attack any challengers. The Major’s role and Bill Allen were both convicted of political related felonies.
    The US Senate challenger candidate, Ron Garcia looks remarkably like Alaska US Senate challenger , Joe Miller.
    The film was shot well before the Stevens trial, or the Bill Allen sentencing, or the emergence of Joe Miller, was completed in August, and will be released through York Entertainment this spring. The film will be a delight to Tea Party and Libertarian members across the country, and represents a positive outlook for the country. See the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/user/CorruptionGov.


  • UniqueMoose:

    It’s amazing to me that Fox’s only coverage of the rally is about the “extremist groups” that attended. The only news worthy fact they found was that some members of a rally 200,000 strong support gay marriage and legalization of marijuana. Its ironic that so many Fox followers accuse everyone else of being sheep when they having been using Beck’s koolaid to rehydrate his emergency frozen food packs

    • Loren:

      I don’t know about “extremist” but they are all likely to be “extremely”. As in extremely unemployed for several years to come and extremely taxed for the rest of their life. The 18-29 year old demographic really needs to look at the long term debt they are facing. They are sooooo screwed!